Matt was a multiple award-winning humanitarian, academic and philanthropist. He was also a beloved friend, brother and son, whom will be sorely missed. Despite his short life, however, his legacy will continue to inspire us for years to come. A self-branded connectarian, Matt practiced inclusion in every aspect of life. A firm believer in the power of social networking, Matt employed every technology available, not to promote himself, but to join people together to benefit the most disenfranchised lives of society. From his deeply rooted beginnings in the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh, to earning his Bachelors degree at Penn State University and later his Masters of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, Matt focused his career goals toward the non-profit sector. As a Public Ally, Matt facilitated many organizations’ events while actively nurturing friendships among their benefactors and beneficiaries. His passion did not end with people though, as he also cared greatly for animals and was an active supporter of the local arts. Matt’s constant desire to help others while demonstrating an incredible zest for life and culture has planted the seeds for The Matt Arch Foundation. By continuing to exemplify his spirit for compassion and charity, we hope to educate and to support research initiatives that may help prevent future tragedies such as his.

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