The Matt Arch Foundation was founded in 2016.  The organization born out of the loss of our friend, brother, and son, Matthew J. Arch. In response, family, friends and professionals banded together, committed to carrying on the tremendous work already accomplished by Matthew. We are forever bonded by him, and we pledge ourselves to being connectarians in his stead. The Connectarian Model was developed by Matthew to facilitate the connection between those in need and those with the ability to help.

To achieve our mission we engage in our connectarian program using activism, fundraising and social media platforms to educate the community in the prevention of suicide. Reducing stigma, bringing hope and empowering those affected by this disease.


Lisa Duncan

Katie Jones Hess
Vice President

Don Mudrick

Stephanie Eson

Ken Duncan
Christine Galket
Bob Hess
Melissa Ferraro
John McGurk
Christina Poppito